Library Instructions

Library Instruction

An individual will be able to:
1. Locate specific information utilizing college library resources in a Library of Congress Subject Heading and Call Number environment (including print reference tools, and computerized catalogs and indices.)
2. Access and utilize information resources in locations outside the college library (including other libraries and the World Wide Web.)
3. Accurately compose and interpret a bibliographic citation.
4. Critically evaluate information in book, periodical, audio-visual, and Internet formats (distinguishing popular press from professional literature and primary from secondary sources, and utilizing information of appropriate timeliness.)
5. Identify the core resources (basic reference sources, books, indices, and periodical literature) in the major field of study.
To help achieve these five goals, Librarians teach three 50-minute sessions per semester to each section of English 101 (Writing):
1. The Research Process.
° Who the Librarians are and what they do
° The Reference Collection and what it contains
° How library materials are organized (Library of Congress Subject Headings & Call Numbers)
° How to find books on the shelves
° The art of browsing
° Locations of collections and services
° How to locate items outside Watson Library
Taught by Jean Bulder.
2. Utilization of Electronic Resources.
° The OPAL catalog (including how to search for items in the Wilmington collection, the 20 OPAL College Libraries, and the 80 OhioLINK academic Libraries)
° Inter-Library Loan requests
° OhioLINK periodical Databases (including Academic Search Premier, Lexis/Nexis, etc.)
Taught by Patti Temple.
3. Evaluation of Resources.
°Critical evaluation of both traditional print and electronic information resources
°Includes a brief overview of the World Wide Web, and evaluation criteria pertinent to it
Taught by Patti Temple (magazines & journals) & Jean Mulhern (Web).

Sessions may be ‘tweaked’ to suit individual needs, and need not necessarily be booked sequentially.
In addition, Librarians have recently taught 50-minute sessions on research topics specific to the following classes:
Education 501: Educational Research
Education 300: Content Area Reading

English 450: Senior Seminar
English 417: Major World Authors
English 331: Major British Authors
English 201: Varieties of Literature

Health/Physical Education 425: Research in Sports Medicine

History 435: Senior Seminar

Interdisciplinary 425: Seminar: Global Cultures: Russia
Interdisciplinary 425: Seminar: Global Cultures: Ireland
Interdisciplinary 425: Seminar: Global Cultures: Hawaii
Interdisciplinary 425: Seminar: Global Cultures: Mexico

Marketing 328: Marketing Research
Management 325: Entrepreneurship
Religion 104: Introduction to the Bible

A recent Assessment Report showed a 100% improvement in the number of students able to accomplish all five information literacy skills following a single, 50-minute session.